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A Membership Community Where Amateurs Can Learn To Do Great Things With Their Horse

Are you struggling to achieve your horsemanship goals?

Who is the Learning Circle for? Horse Owners Who,

  • Want to become better at communicating with their horse.
  • Can’t afford or don’t have the time to take lessons or attend clinics.
  • Want to join a community of like-minded horse people.
  • Want to help their horse reach his potential without the use of force or dominance.
  • Have horsemanship questions but no answers.
  • Are relationship focused horse enthusiasts.
  • Don’t know where to begin with their horse.
  • Are looking for new and different things to try and do with their horse.
  • Need a clear and understandable approach to riding. Someone to help you make sense of all the different methods, terminology, and the overwhelming amount of information out there that confuses you and keeps you from taking action.

What other have to say!

Thank you Jack, for teaching me that in order to have forward and straightness, I had to understand and be able to feel the Balance, Relaxation, Impulsion, Flexibility, Mobility, and Collection that comes from my horse and remember that we find that together…

Dena and Sunny

Jack Lieser is a very gifted horseman with the ability to observe horses and their humans and quickly recommend changes that yield big results.  His breadth of experience with many types of horses and disciplines is most evident when he is working with young or troubled equines.  I learn so much from Jack every time I am around him.  

Linda Secrist & Silvertail

What Makes Jack's Learning Circle So Different?

I know how hard it is to train a horse and teach it something new when you don’t know what your doing. When I started with my first horse I got him home and then thought “Now What?” That horse put me on a path that has taken me on a journey including years of study and 1000s of hours teaching and training to learn what works and what doesn’t.
 The Learning Circle is a culmination of what I have learned from all the time I have spent working with horses and people. I want to help you reach the goals and dreams you have with your horse.

Here are a few things I have learned from working with horses on what it takes to be a leader and partner with your horse.  

  1. Commitment: It all starts with making a decision on what it is you want to do and then committing to it.
  2. Willingness to Learn: Learning is about taking in new information and doing something with it. Make a change, do something different, be flexible.
  3. Have a Source for Knowledge: Seek out a reliable trustworthy source for what it is you want to learn.
  4. Community: No one does great things on their own, find people who will rally around you and help keep you going.
  5. A Plan: What are the steps you’re going to take along the way to reaching your goal.
  6. Personal Growth: Be ready to be changed by your horse! People will make changes in their personality for their horse that they won’t make for themselves or anyone else.

What’s Inside Jack’s Learning Circle

  • Access to hundreds of easy to understand training videos, every thing from gentling a wild horse to advanced dressage.
  • Receive new training videos 
  • Be the first to hear about Jack's events
  • Be a part of an exclusive community with like minded horse enthusiasts.
  • Connect and communicate with other members, share stories, experiences, and ideas, not advice.

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